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Practical Passenger Lifts by Ritchie, Hart & Co in Northern Ireland.

Ritchie, Hart & Co: Your Go-To for Reliable Passenger Lifts If you’re looking for straightforward, dependable passenger lifts in Northern Ireland, you’re in the right place. We provide a range of lifts designed to meet your specific needs, whether your project is large or small, new or existing. We focus on practical solutions that comply with all design and performance specifications.

Passenger Lifts for Everyday Use Our passenger lifts are ideal for any building, providing a convenient and affordable vertical transportation solution. Designed for durability and low running costs, our lifts deliver reliable service without breaking the bank.

User-Friendly Controls and Displays Ease of use is a priority for us, which is why our lifts come equipped with user-friendly, high-resolution displays. These provide essential, real-time information about the lift’s position and arrival time. The goal is a straightforward, informative user experience.

Overcoming Site Challenges Each building site has its own unique limitations, such as limited space or unusual dimensions. At Ritchie, Hart & Co, our design team is skilled at adapting our lift solutions to fit these constraints. We follow all relevant regulations, such as EN81/20 and EN81/21, to ensure safe and efficient transport within buildings.

Scenic Lift Options While we focus on practicality, we also offer scenic lifts for those interested in combining functionality with aesthetics. These lifts come with a range of options for framing and cladding, designed to meet your building’s specific needs while complying with all safety and legal requirements.

Choose Ritchie, Hart & Co for Reliable Passenger Lifts If you’re looking for a dependable lift solution, look no further. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can help improve your building’s vertical transportation.

Dependable Disability Lifts for Public and Commercial Spaces in Northern Ireland

Our disability and wheelchair platform lifts comply with Building Regulations Part M, ensuring accessibility and adherence to the Equality Act.

Our Disability Access Lifts are reliable and safe and designed to provide accessibility for everyone in public and commercial buildings. They are engineered to be practical and intelligent, with a range of sizes to meet diverse needs. Our Disability Access Lifts offers ample customisation possibilities, including options like glass walls, various door types, a wide spectrum of colors, and different materials.


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