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Disability Access Lifts

In today’s inclusive society, accessibility is crucial.
Ritchie Hart & Co is dedicated to offering top-of-the-line disability and wheelchair platform lifts across Northern Ireland. Our lifts are designed with features that emphasise safety, practicality, and aesthetics.

High Weight Capacity

 Engineered to accommodate users with different needs, including powered wheelchairs, our lifts come with a significant weight limit.

Spacious Platforms

Even with limited space, our lifts offer generous platforms, achieved through integrated shaft technology.

Remote Control Options

For increased ease of use, our lifts include remote controls, allowing for convenient operation.

Sensory Lighting

We offer lighting choices for individuals with sensory sensitivities to make the lift experience more comfortable.

Entry Options

Select between a 50mm ramp for easy wheelchair entry or a flush-floor design for a smooth transition.

Versatile Design

Suitable for residential use, our lifts can be expanded in the future to meet evolving accessibility needs.

Multiple Doors

Our lifts feature doors on various sides for easier entry and exit.

Automatic Doors

Included automatic doors enhance both safety and convenience.


Adapt our lifts to fit your specific requirements and space.

Compact Design

Despite their features, our lifts occupy minimal space.

Safety Measures

Our lifts come with integrated safety features to prevent

Commercial Disability Access and Wheelchair Platform Lifts for Wheelchair Users.

Dependable Disability Lifts for Public and Commercial Spaces in Northern Ireland

Our disability and wheelchair platform lifts comply with Building Regulations Part M, ensuring accessibility and adherence to the Equality Act.

Our Disability Access Lifts are reliable and safe and designed to provide accessibility for everyone in public and commercial buildings. They are engineered to be practical and intelligent, with a range of sizes to meet diverse needs. 

Our Disability Access Lifts offers ample customisation possibilities, including options like glass walls, various door types, a wide spectrum of colors, and different materials.


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