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Efficient Goods Lift Solutions by Ritchie, Hart & Co in Northern Ireland.
We offer a variety of goods lift solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s transporting heavy loads in an industrial setting or moving smaller items in a residential environment, our lifts are designed for efficiency and safety. 

Safety and Compliance is our priority, safety is paramount in the operation of any goods lift. At Ritchie, Hart & Co, we adhere to the strictest standards and regulations, ensuring that your goods are transported safely and efficiently. Our commitment to compliance provides you with peace of mind, knowing that our lifts are both reliable and secure.

Types of Goods Lifts We Offer:

Goods Only Lifts

These lifts are engineered for the efficient transportation of supplies or equipment in industrial and commercial settings. Note: these lifts are not designed for human transportation.

Goods with Attendant

Ideal for settings like shops and warehouses, these lifts are built to safely transport both goods and people.

Dumbwaiter Lifts

Perfect for moving smaller items between floors in both commercial and residential buildings, our range of dumbwaiter lifts are custom-designed to your specifications.

With over three decades of experience, Ritchie, Hart & Co is a trusted name in the goods lift industry in Northern Ireland. Our team of experts can design, install, and maintain a lift system that fits your unique needs. 

We offer bespoke solutions to tackle specific challenges like height restrictions, automation needs, or additional safety features. 

Whether it’s for a commercial establishment or a private home, our lifts are versatile, safe, and efficient, serving various sectors including factories, restaurants, pubs, private homes, libraries, offices, and retail stores.

For those with mobility challenges, carrying heavy objects between floors can be a daunting task. Our residential dumbwaiters are a popular choice for multi-floor private homes, offering added safety features suitable for families.

Contact Us Today For tailored lift solutions that meet your specific needs, reach out to Ritchie, Hart & Co. Our dedicated team is here to discuss your project and provide the best goods lift or dumbwaiter solutions for you


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